Kamaludeen sentenced

Kamaludeen sentenced

Wednesday, December 10, 2007

“This is not a life sentence,” Judge Patrick Flanagan told the man convicted of killing Judy Calder today during his sentencing. After a calm composure and looks directed at the ceiling Flanagan looked at Mohamed Kamaludeen, raised his voice in contempt and said: “This is a death sentence. It is the intention of this court that you die in prison.”

Kamaludeen, who killed Judy Calder in his warehouse on Aug. 18, 2007, received 20 extra years on his sentence of life without the possibility of parole for killing Calder with a deadly weapon. He received another nine years for killing someone aged 60 or older. Calder was 64 at the time of the stabbing.

“But that knife, that large butcher knife, was wielded by the defendant in this case, plunged into the helpless breast of Judy Calder,” Flanagan said.

Kamaludeen received four to 15 years for soliciting Calder’s death in a 2006 attack at her Incline home.

Kim Calder, Judy Calder’s daughter, implored the judge to impose the maximum penalties.

“My mother was almost beaten to death,” Kim said of the 2006 attack. “She was afraid of everything . . . in the last year of her life,” she said.

Kamaludeen showed James Calder, Judy’s wife, the van he put her body in, hidden behind printers.

“The defendant acted as if he was a friend of the victim’s husband as he gazed into the back of the van where his wife lay dead,” Flanagan said.

Carlos Filomeno, a felon who worked as a laborer for Kamaludeen, said he helped him dispose of Calder’s body outside of Elko.